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Wreckchasing 101:

A Guide To Finding Aircraft Crash Sites


Finding an aircraft crash site is 95 percent research and five percent field work. To be successful at finding historic aircraft wrecks, a Wreckchaser must do the homework first. Wreckchasing 101 is the starting place for anyone interested in aviation, history, research, hiking, and historic preservation.


Wreckchasing 101: A Guide to Finding Aircraft Crash Sites teaches readers how to research and locate an historic aircraft’s final resting place – both commercial and military, takes readers to more than 20 commercial and military crashes, and provides research resources including the longitude and latitudes for more than 500 aircraft wrecks, plus data on more than 1,700 other aircraft crashes. The book also provides information on how to obtain crash reports – both civil and military, how to obtain military individual aircraft record cards, topo maps, a list of Internet resources, and a list of recommended reading.


Individual aircraft crashes profiled include:


Overdue From Kingman: The Crash of Fokker F-10A NC279E

• The Philippine Clipper – a Martin M-130 flying boat that was returning from Hawaii during World War II.

Grand Canyon Mid-Air – UAL DC-6 and TWA Connie impact over the National Park.

• Carole Lombard’s TWA DC-3 crash site near Las Vegas, Nev.

• American Airlines DC-3 That Crashed and Flew Again.

• The search for Pearl Harbor veterans in Hawaiian waters with photos of a sunken F4U Corsair

Airwest DC-9 N9345 Mid-Air on climb-out with a Marine Corps F-4 Phantom (Buno. 151458)

• Airship USS Macon and its Sparrowhawk fighters – Monterey Bay Research Institute examines the wreck of the Macon south of Big Sur, Calif.

• Grumman F3F Recovered from the Pacific. This aircraft was flown by 1st Lt. Robert E. Galer who was later awarded the Medal of Honor for his destruction of 11.5 Japanese aircraft.


• Lend-Lease P-39 Recovered from a Canadian lake – 240 miles from the nearest road.

Arizona TF-51H Mustang crash and recovery.

• Location and examination of a B-24 training flight that ended tragically on an Arizona mountaintop near Flagstaff.

BCPA’s DC-6 Resolution crashed in the coastal mountains on approach to San Francisco. The sleeper-equipped airliner had flown across the Pacific from Sydney, Australia only to meet its fateful end 15 minutes before landing.


Memorial for a Corsair Pilot: FG-1A Buno. 13380

• The DC-3 That Crashed And Flew Again: American Airlines Flagship Memphis, NC21752

• Restricted Medical Certificate Ignored: The Crash of Robin Air Lines C-46F N8404C

Fuel Transfer Starts In-Flight Fire: The Crash of United DC-6 N37503

• Cross Country To Disaster: All On Board United Flight 615 Perish (DC-6B N37550)

• Training Flight Mid-Air: Cal Eastern and Overseas National

• Collision Course: New York Mid-Air, TWA Connie and United DC-8

• Christmas Eve Disaster: Flying Tigers Constellation N6915C

• USS Macon: U.S. Navy Examines Historic Airship Wreck


In addition to these fascinating stories, five appendices are included. They cover such important details as:


• More than 500 aircraft crash sites by longitude and latitude.

• Dates, Registration, Operator, and location of more than 1,200 commercial aircraft crashes.

• Full list of DC-3 crashes inside the U.S.

• How to obtain U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force accident reports.

• How to obtain USGS topographical maps.

• List of selected internet resources and a list of recommended reading.

…and much more.


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7.5x9.5" Softcover - 325 page book includes more than 200 black and white photos. Stance & Speed Publishers.



ISBN-10: 0-9830-6064-9

ISBN-13: 978-0-9830-6064-2





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