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Nick’s First Book



Nick and His Frog

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Nicholas A. Veronico

It is apparent that the talented, award-winning author got his start at a young age. His first title in the juvenile category was Nick and His Frog.

As you turn the pages, notice the creative use of past and present tense, punctuation, his handling of commonly misused words such as would/wood and to/too, and his Dan Quayle-ish spellings of our most popular vegetable names.

The family is very relieved that Nick's Page Four portrait of his brother Tony did not come to pass, and, although it was touch-and-go for a while, his head grew to a proportional size.

Although Master Nick was living in harmony with nature while learning about the responsibilities of caring for a pet, the budding author was not yet clear on some of nature's ways. Thus, Nick and His Frog concludes with a very happy ending and a lesson learned by the young scribe: buckets of cute polliwogs caught in the neighborhood stream turn into a nightmare invasion of little frogs!

Note that this work is copyright, circa 1967.

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8.5" x 11", softbound, 5 pages, 4 illustrations. Published by self.
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